Custom weather display

We’ve been working on a commission to create a multi-weather display for a good friend of Tidey.

This wall mounted weather display shows temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. The display is specifically designed to be a talking point – only the owner (and us) knows how to read it, as such any visitors to the home of this display will need a cheeky lesson in how to read it.

It’s made with sustainable materials (as we strive to do with all our creations) – the back is made from 100% recycled card, which has been laser cut into shape and stacked (a bit like a toast rack), the front is made from a reclaimed laser cut piece of clear acrylic glass, and even the power cord is made from wheatgrass Bioplastic.

Inside we have three RGB LED matrix’s and a custom circuit board hosting a Bosch sensor for temperature, humidity and pressure. We also added a tiny light sensor which puts the display into a ‘power save’ mode when all the lights are off at home.

The new owner is absolutely delighted with it. It’s heading over to San Fransisco to adorn the walls of their apartment over there. We’re sad to see it leave Tidey HQ – it was in testing on our wall for two weeks and we got quite attached to it. Maybe we’ll make another one for ourselves!