Tidey FAQ's

  • What is Tidey?

    Tidey is a network connected tide clock, it displays the live tide position and direction for your chosen beach – from a list of thousands.

  • Does Tidey require WiFi?

    Yes WiFi is required to display the Tide position and direction, and to keep the software up-to-date. A WiFi connection also allows you to change the beach as often as you like.

  • How many beaches does Tidey display?

    Tidey is a tide clock that displays one beach of your choosing. You can log-in to your Tidey tide clock at any time to choose one of 1000’s of available beaches and coastal locations around the world. From Hawaii to New Zealand to Brighton. See a map of available tide locations here:  Global map of tide data available on Tidey

    Tidey tide clock displays the position of the tide – a percentage of how high or low the tide is, and also the direction the tide is displaying – up, towards high tide, or down towards low tide.

  • How do I set up my Tidey tide clock?

    Setting up your Tidey to display the tide times can be done in 5 minutes, instructions are here:  https://tidey.co/setup

  • Is there a subscription for Tidey?

    Tidey is a new concept and new product, the device connects to a data feed so it can show a live tide for thousands of locations. As a service, it requires ongoing running costs – server and data feeds to maintain.

    A subscription is needed to cover; ongoing data maintenance, server up-time and will allow us to develop and release additional data feeds for Tidey to display.

  • Is Tidey tide clock good for the environment?

    We have designed Tidey tide clock with the environment front of mind, and are doing our best to keep our environmental impact as low as we can. The main construction of Tidey is from recycled bioplastic and recycled cardboard. The plastic is recycled PLA – a plant-based plastic which is biodegradable (not home-compostable). We also will take back Tidey’s for recycling if they have reached the end of their useful life.

    The USB cable we supply is made from wheat-grass bio plastic and is also biodegradable. We do not supply USB plugs to power Tidey as we believe that many people already have spares of these and can therefore source and re-use their own.

    The electricity that has gone into the production of Tidey (from laser-cutting to coffee making) is from renewables.

  • Does Tidey tide clock keep good time?

    Yes, Tidey is synchronised using an internet connection, it’s pretty much as on-time as any NASA computer (you could say).

  • How much electricity does Tidey tide clock use?

    Tidey uses low-energy LED lights, the estimated electricity cost is approximately 1.5 pence a day, at the default brightness setting.

    For comparison – a 10 Watt lightbulb costs 12.5 pence a day to run.

    (Calculated using the UK Price Cap, October 2022, electricity rate of 52.00 pence per kWh.)

  • How do I read the display of Tidey tide lock?

    The Tidey display ‘fills up’ with light to indicate low to high tide. When tide is fully out all the lights are off, and when the tide is in all the lights are illuminated.

    You can estimate tide time by counting the squares – each little square represents about 6 minutes, and an entire row is 45 minutes. So, if all the lights are lit up apart from the last 5 then it’s about 30mins to high tide. (5 x 6 mins)

    In addition, there is an animation that travels up or down the screen, this shows if the tide is coming in/up or going out/down.

  • What is Tidey tide clock returns policy?

    We have a 30 day returns policy available here: Refund and Returns Policy

Contact us for support or feedback

Alternatively you can email us directly at hello@tidey.co