New features – Night-mode and Brightness

Sunset over a beach

Tidey’s have been switching on ‘out in the wild’ for about two months since we shipped all our Kickstarter orders, and started taking orders online. This is exciting for us, it means we can get customer feedback and start to make improvements.

Key to the Tidey project has been talking to sea-users; swimmers, surfers, suppers – anyone with a love of the ‘Brine’. The reason for this is to make sure that we make a product that is desirable and usable. The feedback we’ve had from Tidey owners has been great, loads of positive comments – thank you! Equally great has been the feedback about what we can do to improve the Tidey experience and make Tidey better.

So we listened hard, took note, and got busy. As a result we’re launching two new features this week – Brightness control, and Night-mode.

Tidey Brightness control

Image of a brightness slider, from the Tidey Cloud

To help Tidey feel fully at home in any environment – you can now change the Brightness at any time. This means that ‘sun-soaked’ Tideys and ‘hidden in a corner’ Tideys can remain readable and not be too ‘loud’. The brightness setting stays saved whenever you power down, so once it’s set, you’re all good.

A great way to manage power consumption. We tested the power consumption of Tideys at 50% brightness (actually pretty bright) and the estimated electricity cost is approximately 1.5 pence a day (Calculated using the UK Price Cap, October 2022, electricity rate of 52.00 pence per kWh.). For comparison – a 10 Watt lightbulb costs 12.5 pence a day to run. So at 20% or even 1% brightness, you can expect even more efficiency.

Have a play with the settings and see what the perfect brightness is for your Tidey, log into and give it a whirl.


Staying on power-saving, we’ve also added a Night-mode. This simple selector dramatically dims Tidey at sunset and brings Tidey back to your Brightness setting at sunrise. Meaning your Tidey is not too intrusive when its dark (winter is coming here in the North) and it’s more power efficient.

To get set up with both of these new features log into your Tidey Cloud account now!