Want to know how big the waves are? Swell and Wave height feature

Surfer riding a wave at speed, at the bottom of an overhead wave.

Want to know how big the waves are? Another new feature we’re looking at is wave height. We’re developing ways to show wave height and wave interval (the length of the gaps between the waves) to allow swimmers to seek out calmer days, and surfers to spot the bigger days…

So if you’re a surfer seeking the big swells or a casual swimmer wanting a not-too-choppy dip, understanding the size of waves is crucial for enjoyment and safety. So we think that adding Waves to Tidey should help with all things safety and timing but also adding more to the display will help you feel more connected to your beach and to the rhythms of the sea.

We want to know what you think! Do you think Wave height and interval would be a useful feature? Please, help us out but answering a few anonymous questions…

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